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Wix Website Review:

Wix Website Review: – In a this blog post, I am reviewing, the official website of Sergio Aguero, which was built using Wix.

The article, which is meant to be the first of the brand new Wix Website Review series, looks at from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) perspective.

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The Company

Sergio Aguero is a professional footballer from Argentina, who currently plays for Manchester City FC and the Argentinian national football team.

Manchester City, along with New York City and Melbourne City from the same CFG group, have chosen Wix as global partner for web design and hosting.

Search Volume

As you might expect from a football star of his caliber, El Kun Aguero is quite popular online:

sergio aguero google trends

Traffic receives much less traffic than I would have expected. According to SimilarWeb, receives an average of +10k monthly visits with an average time on the website of only 26 seconds. traffic visits

I was also surprised to learn that while the majority of visits come from Argentina (no surprise here), the United Kingdom is only 5th in the top traffic sources by geo: traffic geo

The great majority of traffic is Direct with 81%, followed by Social with 15% and Organic Search with 3%: traffic sources


The SERP for a search like ‘sergio aguero’ is quite standard with Wikipedia Entry, Knowledge Graph, People Also Ask, News and Videos (not visible in this screenshot).

Perhaps a bit surprising is that the official website is way down the rankings, #39 on’s 4th page (source: Rank Tracker).

It’s not unusual for a professional athlete’s website to rank lower than a bunch of other properties like news outlets, the main club team, etc. but it’s striking how far behind Aguero’s website is in the rankings.

To make a comparison, ranks #3 on Google for ‘cristiano ronaldo’: google serp

The Website

The website is powered by Wix and they use the following apps among others (source:

  • CrazyEgg for understanding and optimising the user journey
  • Socialstream to integrate his social media profiles

Onpage Optimisation

The website has two language versions, Spanish (default) and English. The Spanish version is hosted on the main domain, while the English one is hosted on the subdomain

HREF LANG tags in both Spanish and English are in place.

The homepage is simply a sequence of full width images, each representing a section of the website, with very little text.

Page Load Speed

The website is not well-optimised for speed:

  • The homepage got fully-loaded in 11.8s and scored 35% / 90% respectively on Performance and Structure on desktop on GTmetrix
  • The homepage got fully-loaded in 4.1s and scored 94% / 90% respectively on PageSpeed and YSlow from LTE Mobile on GTmetrix


The website has +37k backlinks from 515 domains. The majority of backlinks come from websites with high Domain Authority (DR)(

Things to Improve

If I were the SEO manager for, I would focus on these three main areas:

  1. Text Ratio – While it’s common for a VIP to have a very visual website with limited amount of text, considering the very low ranking for his own name I would definitely take a look at increasing the amount of text on the page.
  2. IP Redirect – I am visiting the website from Ireland and I am still being showed the Spanish version.
  3. Newsletter – In general but especially with such a low visibility, I would integrate a newsletter form on the homepage and build a mailing list.



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