wix news weekly roundup

Wix News Weekly Roundup, Jan 4th – 8th 2021

Wix News Weekly Roundup, Jan 4th – 8th 2021 – In this weekly roundup covering Jan 4th – 8th 2021 you will find the most recent Wix news from around the world.

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Wix News Weekly Roundup

Wix is the Best Website Builder Overall

Jan 6th on Seoagencydublin.ie – In this article, I write about Wix being recently nominated as Best Website Builder Ovdrall by the guys at CNET.

Wix Websites Are Not Small-Business Ready

Jan 3rd on Business2community.com – I totally disagree with this article as it makes a number of incorrect statements. I posted a comment flagging this but it never got published.

The author of the article contacted me privately on LinkedIn to expand on some of the statements and also told me that for a glitch in the system my comment could not be published.

Among the incorrect statements:

  • “Only Page and (blog) Post sitemaps are offered” – This is incorrect as Wix sitemaps support a lot more than pages and posts
  • “If you want to optimize your Title and Description narrative beyond 65 & 165 character limits (and you do), you just can’t do that on Wix” – This is also incorrect as you can add title and meta description beyond the said limitations
  • “Since all websites are ranked (Google) in the mobile format only – speed is king” – Websites are not ranked in the mobile format only. It’s just that their mobile version is ranked first by Google (= mobile first)
  • “Unlike WordPress though, Wix doesn’t offer you an option of controlling the site cache, nor compressing images” – Wrong. Wix gives you the option of enabling caching, images are compressed by Wix on upload

The incorrect claims go on and on. In case you are reading the article, make sure you cross-check the statements made as most of them are incorrect.

Wix Changes Product Name from Virus to Nicotine

Jan 4th on Domainnamewire.com – I wrote about Corvid, the open development platform for advanced applications by Wix, in the article Wix is the Best Website Builder Overall.

Because of the resemblance of the name Corvid with Covid, Wix has decided to change its name to Velo.

I hope you liked the roundup. If you have any news or article regarding Wix that you would like me to mention, please get in touch.

For now, have a great weekend!

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