wix new roles and permissions

Wix New Roles and Permissions

Wix New Roles and Permissions – In this article I will give you an overview about Wix new roles and permissions.

You will learn what roles will be affected by the changes and how.

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New Wix Role: Admin (Co-Owner)

Wix is adding a new role to its team management capabilities, Admin (Co-Owner).

The Admin (Co-Owner) will have the same permissions as the Admin but he / she won’t be able to delete the website.

New Wix Role Names

The following Wix roles will change their names:

  • Admin becomes Website Manager
  • Website Manager becomes Website Designer
  • Account Co-Owner becomes Account Admin (Co-Owner)

New Permissions for the Website Manager Role

The following permissions will be added to the Admin now Website Manager role:

  • Manage domains
  • Export contacts
  • Run Facebook Ads campaigns

All the changes above are being rolled out by Wix ‘in the coming months’.

Wix New Roles and Permissions, Sources:



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