wix and htaccess file

Wix and htaccess File

Wix and htaccess File – In this article I explain where Wix stands in relation to editing your website htaccess file.

You will learn what an htaccess file is, what the most common uses of this file are and a useful workaround for Wix websites.

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What is the htaccess File?

The htaccess file is a server configuration file used to configure the server settings for a given directory, generally the root one, of a website.

The file is mostly used on Apache servers, but it can also be used on other web servers like LiteSpeed.

What Are the Most Common Uses for the .htaccess File?

The most common uses for the htaccess file are:

  • Redirecting certain URLs
  • Forcing the redirection from http to https secure protocol
  • Loading custom error pages, like 404 pages
  • Password-protecting certain directories on your server
  • Preventing hotlinking
  • Creating a vanity URL
  • Whitelisting or blacklisting an IP address

Wix and htaccess: How to Find Your .htaccess File

Currently Wix does not support the editing of your website .htaccess file.

In one of their support queries, they simply state:

Currently, Wix does not support .htaccess files.
To learn more about creating 301 Redirects for your site, click here.
Wix support team seems to acknowledge that the main intent for editing the .htaccess file of a website is about web page redirection.
Having said that, they are currently taking votes for making this feature available in the future.
If you care to share your opinion, visit this article and click on Vote for this feature.

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