State of Wix SEO in 2021

State of Wix SEO in 2021 – In this article I write about the state of Wix SEO in 2021.

You will learn about Wix’s SEO philosophy, current and new features as well as what lies ahead.

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What is Wix’s SEO Philosophy?

When it comes to SEO, Wix has two priorities in mind:

  1. Protecting beginner users from making mistakes bearing costly consequences (= drop in Google rankings)
  2. Allowing advanced users to customise ‘as much as possible’

Structured Data and Wix

Wix beginner users can avail of structured data added by default to product pages, bookings, events and more.

Wix advanced users can customise and add custum structured data to static web pages such as homepage, about page, etc.

At present, Wix only supports JSON-LD microdata, which is the one used by Google.

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Bulk SEO and Wix

Wix advanced users can customise their web pages’ titles and meta tags in bulk by editing the so-called SEO patterns:

Wix SEO patterns are a combination of variables used to create rules and ensure a level of consistency within pages of the same type in Wix.

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Image Optimisation and Wix

Wix beginner users have their images cropped, re-sized and compressed by default.

Wix also supports the WebP image format, allowing for lighter files and faster loading.

This is further enhanced by the use of a combination of lazy-loading and low-quality image placeholders.

Having said that, when it comes to Large Contentful Paint, which is one of Google’s Core Web Vitals, Wix resulted much slower than WordPress.

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