how to customise wix seo patterns

How to Customise Wix SEO Patterns

How to Customise Wix SEO Patterns – In this article I am going to show you how to customise your Wix SEO patterns.

You will learn what Wix SEO patterns are, why they are important and how to customise your Wix SEO patterns.

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What Are Wix SEO Patterns?

Wix SEO patterns are a combination of variables used to create rules and ensure a level of consistency within pages of the same type in Wix.

What is a Wix SEO Pattern Variable?

A Wix SEO pattern variable is a text that represents a value or a value used as a placeholder for a text in relation to specific elements of a page.

For example, the variable ‘Site Name’ in the SEO title is used as a Wix SEO patterns as a placeholder for the title of the website.

List of Wix SEO Pattern Variables

  • Page Variables
    • Page Name
    • Page URL
  • Site Variables
    • SEO Title
    • Social Share Image
  • Business Variables
    • Business Name
    • Business Description
    • Logo
  • Business Location Variables
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Street Adress
    • Address Description

Why Are Wix SEO Patterns Important?

Wix SEO patterns are important because they ensure consistency within the pages of your Wix website.

They are also very handy when you have to make changes to the SEO title or description of multiple pages.

How to Customise Wix SEO Patterns

Search Engines and Social Media

To customise Wix SEO patterns for search engines:

  1. From your Wix site dashboard, click on Marketing & SEO
  2. Click on SEO Tools
  3. Select SEO Patterns
  4. Click on View Patterns
  5. Select Edit Patterns next to the page type you want to edit
  6. Click on Edit next to Search Engines & Social Media banner
  7. Enter the variables of your choice (see list above) by clicking on Add Variables next to respectively SEO Title and SEO Description fields
  8. Once finished, click Save


how to customise wix seo patterns


view wix seo patterns


edit wix seo patterns


edit search engines and social media patterns


enter variables seo title and seo description

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