how to choose the best anchor link

How to Choose the Best Anchor Link

In this article I am discussing how to choose the best anchor link.

You will learn what an anchor link is, why it’s important for SEO and how to choose the best anchor link for your website.

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What is an Anchor Link?

An anchor link is a hyperlink redirecting to a web page / resource or to a section of a web page / resource within the same domain or within different ones.

An anchor link is generally wrapped around the name of a company, product or service or even more often around a keyword or keyword phrase.

Why is it Important for SEO?

The general opinion in the SEO world is that anchor links are very important for passing link juice or link authority.

For example, if a third party website has an anchor link around the keywords ‘SEO agency’ pointing at this website, the general agreement is that I am getting link juice / authority from the said website.

How to Choose the Best Anchor Link (for Internal Linking)

Asked about best practices in creating anchor links for internal linkining, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that:

With regards to internal links you’re giving us a signal of context. So basically you’re saying, in this part of my website you’ll find information about this topic.

And that’s what you would use as the anchor text for those internal links.

In brief, the best anchor link is the one providing a bit of context about the web page or resource it redirects to.

How to Choose the Best Anchor Lnk (for External Linking)

Again John Mueller about anchor links and external linking:

With regards to external links, if you’re linking out to other people’s websites, the same things. Like, supply some context why people should go and click on this link, what kind of extra information it gives.

The same rule applies to anchor links for both internal and external linking: context is the most important thing to keep in mind!



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