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SEO Agency Interview: How Long Are You in Business?

SEO Agency Interview: How Long Are You in Business? – In this article I am going to go through one of the most common questions that I get asked by prospects: how long are you in business?

It’s a very important question and I cannot help but thinking about a comparison between the fresh-out-of-college GP and the seasoned doctor.

This is also one of the questions Google recommends you should ask your potential SEO agency partner.

How Long Are You in Business?

New SEO Business = No Experience?

One of the misconceptions about a business that has just recently been launched is that they don’t have a great deal of experience.

They have less experience than an established business that has been in the market for years.

This is only partially true and I’ll bring my example on the table.

I started my first company, a Digital Strategy agency crafting and executing digital marketing strategies for SMEs and brands, in November 2016.

Does it mean that I have 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing? Absolutely not!

I started working in online marketing in 2005 and when I launched the company I had 11 years of experience, most of them spent working on SEO projects!

The Younger the SEO Company, the Lower the Trust?

This is more me thinking rather than a question or feedback from a prospect: does a brand-new company inspire less trust than a more established one?

In theory yes, because it’s just been launched and there are many questions mark on whether the new SEO agency will be able to be profitable and grow (or at least survive).

This is a fair concern from the client’s side. Nobody wants to start a business relationship with a company that might fail in a few months.

While I don’t have a definitive answer to this question, one tip I would share with prospects and fellow SEO specialists is not to engage in long-term contracts.

More specifically, SEO is a long-term strategy. I like to say it’s like going to the gym. You don’t expect to become Arnold Schwarzenegger in one day.

The same way you need consistency to build and shape your body, you need a consistent and regular SEO work to drive your website up the rankings.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to engage in a 6- or 12-month contract.

If you want to commit (maybe because there is a big discount if you sign for the year), make sure there is still an element of flexibility in the contract.

You can also agree on a sort of auto-renewal of the contract based on the achievement of certain specific objectives.


Wrapping It Up

Anyway, I hope you liked the article (please let me know in the comments) and you found it helpful.

I am planning on writing some more articles in relation to questions to ask to SEO agencies.

PS For the fellow SEO experts, how long are you in business?

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